When it comes to maintaining excellent health and function, there are a number of factors to consider. Absolute Trust Talk invited Dr. Rolnik to their recent episode to outline how health and wellness are valuable for optimal function and healthy lifestyle practices. In addition, the episode will help you recognize what elements can help get you on the right track towards maximizing health, aging gracefully, improving wellness, and staying active in your later years.

Absolute Trust Counsel Episode 032 featuring Dr. Nancy Rolnik

Key Points:

1. The body is primary healer of pain. Modern medicine can help supplement the process.

2. Adjusting your habits to a healthy lifestyle can come with unique challenges. Instead of managing many things at once, select one area to work on and improve, whether that is giving up sugary soft drinks or taking a 30-minute walk after lunch, and master that. Once you have your new routine established, track your progress with a planner.

3. Your health and wellness is your primary responsibility – there is no single effective pill, drug, or program to make you healthy overnight. Regular, consistent efforts to maintain or improve your health can lead to a healthier life. Living to an advanced age with vitality can be achievable with consistent planning and discipline.