Ankle pain, foot pain, sore foot, ankle sprain
Ankle Sprains and Plantar Fasciitis are common in runners

Sports like  basketball, soccer, football, and tennis can increase your chances of ankle pain and foot pain. These sports require a lot of movement and cutting which can cause things like ankle sprains.  Foot pain can occur outside of sports too.  This can be from general movements that you do each day like walking your dog or taking out the trash. Your feet and ankles are very important because you are constantly using them each day.  It is important to get foot pain and ankle pain checked and fixed quickly so they do not begin to limit your daily activities.

Why Get Your Ankle or Foot Pain Checked?

Dr. Rolnik understands the annoyance that ankle pain and foot pain can be.  She does not like her own activities to be limited, or her patients! She similarly has experienced these injuries and knows too well that they should not be ignored.  It’s important to see a sports physician urgently to get the correct treatment started when an injury occurs that limits walking and your day to day life.

Any chronic ankle pain or foot pain should not limit normal activities or change what you do each day.  Regardless of your age or activity level, you never want an injury to keep you from doing the things you love!  When your pain does start to effect these things, it’s time to make an appointment with Dr. Rolnik.

There are a variety of available treatments to get patients back on the trails, field, courts or sidewalks.  Whatever your problem may be,  whether it’s plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, toe arthritis or other sources of pain, there is always something that can be done to help.

Dr. Rolnik’s ultimate goal is to get you back to doing what you love in the most hollistic way as possible.