knee arthritis can be treated without surgeryOsteoarthritis (OA) is a degenerative disease characterized by the breakdown of articular cartilage, potentially causing stiffness, pain, and decreased motion in the joints. Conventional treatment options include pain medication, activity modification, weight loss, physical therapy, nutritional changes, and steroid injections.  Typically, when all of the above options have failed and the pain and disability are interfering with daily joy, most surgeons will recommend total joint replacement. Invasive surgery generally takes months of painful recovery coupled with potential adverse side effects.

At Remedy Sports and Regenerative Medicine, Dr. Rolnik offers patients a different set of options.  Patients are offered a variety of different orthobiologic options (stem cell treatments, PRP, etc) based on their medical history and goals.  Once a decision is made to move forward with a regenerative injection, the procedures are well tolerated with minimal to no down time.  Dr. Rolnik believes in optimizing the nutritional health of her patients prior to undergoing a regenerative treatment to optimize the regenerative therapy benefits.  She is very passionate about overall wellness and often will request her patients take supplements and meet with one of her nutritionists to help her patients get ready for healing!

If you are looking for alternatives to surgery, call Remedy Sports and Regenerative Medicine at 925-464-7278 to request a consultation with Dr Rolnik.  She will plan a personalized treatment to keep you active and joyful without first resorting to surgery.