knee arthritis can be treated without surgeryWhat is arthritis?

Arthritis is a degeneration of cartilage at joints like the knee and hip.  Every individual will experience joint degeneration over their lifetime, as our bodies are not meant to stay in pristine condition forever.  People with arthritis usually have stiffness, pain, and decreased motion at their joints. Initial home treatments to reduce pain include Advil and Tylenol, changing painful activities, and losing weight. Studies show that when patients are overweight that losing 10% of their weight will joint pain.  Losing weight can effect your pain as it will be less weight pushing on your joints, and therefore lessening the load.  It’s never easy to lose weight but it can make a huge difference by reducing the daily symptoms!

Treatment Options

If resting and pills don’t work very well, seeking out care from a joint degeneration or arthritis specialist like Dr. Rolnik can be very helpful.  After reviewing your situation, she will often obtain x-rays or perform an in-office diagnostic ultrasound to verify how bad the arthritis is.  Often improving strength and motion around the painful joint is helpful so most of Dr. Rolnik’s patients will go to physical therapy to protect the joint.  If the pain is very bad patients may get a cortisone shot.  These are all done via ultrasound guidance to improve how well it works and reduce pain during the shot.

Some patients may be good candidates to receive cutting-edge injections such as stem cell therapy or PRP injections.  Younger patients with arthritis who are too young for joint replacement are usually good candidates for regenerative options.  A standard joint replacement will not last more than 20 years.

Joint replacement should be the last option.  Surgery recovery takes months plus there are many potential risks.  Regenerative procedures on the other hand are safe, take place in the office, and are well tolerated with minimal down time.  Patients generally feel better much quicker after receiving regenerative injections than after a knee replacement.

Nutrition Factor

Keep in mind that Dr. Rolnik does not believe a shot is a cure all.  She first asks her patients to go on an anti-inflammatory diet prior to undergoing a regenerative treatment to make sure the treatment results in the most healing.  She is very passionate about overall wellness and best recovery.  Many of her patients consult with our nutritionist to help patients get ready for healing!

Don’t grin and bear it anymore!

If you don’t want surgery, call Remedy Sports and Regenerative Medicine. Dr. Rolnik will review your best options during a comprehensive visit.  Her personalized treatment plan meets your goals to keep active without resorting to surgery for your arthritis.