Spine Pain
Road cycling injuries can be devastating to many areas of the body. Please wear a helmet at the very least to protect your brain!

*Note: Spine injections are not performed through our approach.

Back and neck pain plague nearly everyone at some time in their lives. Pain is often worsened with poor daily habits and mechanics. At Remedy Sports and Regenerative Medicine we strive to determine the cause of the pain and aim treatments to address the cause. Therapies often include acupuncture, chiropractic care, massage, strengthening and modifications of day to day habits.  A support brace can be helpful during acute flairs and medication is often needed short term.   Resolving the acute pain and preventing further episodes of pain is our goal.

Neck pain can seriously inhibit your daily activities and if not treated, you can exacerbate the problem into something that may require surgery.

While there are myriad causes of neck pain, listed below are some general reasons why you may be experiencing neck pain or discomfort:

  • You slouch too much or have bad posture
  • Sitting at a desk for prolonged periods without changing your position
  • Poor neck support or neck position when sleeping
  • Jerking your neck while exercising or playing sports

Back Pain

Back pain also has a variety of causes and is experienced differently by different people. While some people may be able to eliminate back pain with over-the-counter analgesics, sometimes the pain is too severe or chronic. The best way to relieve light to moderate back pain is to continue doing as many activities as you are physically able to without causing pain. For example, if you can walk, then walk.

If your back or neck pain does not go away on its own after a week or so, you should seek medical attention.

Regenerative Medicine for Chronic Pain

There are several approaches to treating chronic pain. One is medication, which can be effective but does not address the root of the problem. Another is surgery, which is sometimes necessary but also invasive, costly, and time-consuming.

A third option is regenerative medicine, which addresses the root of chronic pain noninvasively. Treatments such as stem cells, fat grafting, and platelet rich plasma (PRP) stimulate your body’s natural healing abilities, repairing the damaged muscles or tendons at the root of neck or back pain. Dr. Rolnik does not inject the spine directly, but applies regenerative injections to help support the surrounding muscles, tendons, and ligament damage. 

Remedy Sports and Regenerative Medicine specializes in these cutting-edge treatments. Dr. Rolnik will diagnose your problem, then develop a treatment plan appropriate for your situation. Call our front office to schedule an initial consultation.