Eat right to feel great!

Our daily lifestyle choices dictate how we feel on a day to day basis and how well we will age. Many diseases are directly correlated with poor nutrition and obesity.  At Remedy we aim to teach you the skills you need to avoid suffering from many ailments including heart disease, cancer and arthritis. If you have trouble controlling your eating, have regular skin or stomach complaints, lack energy to get through your day, or feel achy in one or more joints, Leasa Woods can help you navigate your nutritional options to help you get healthier and feeling at your best.  She meets her patients where they are and helps them make small, achievable changes that over time will result in a healthier body.

Dr. Rolnik is very passionate about prevention, wellness and results.  She recommends dietary alterations for all of her patients seeking regenerative orthopedic treatments to optimize the results of their regenerative treatment. Some choose to take supplements, some seek nutritional counseling and some do both to help the body become primed for healing.  Studies show that those undergoing surgery heal better with enhanced nutrition both prior and after surgery.  Using the same logic, Dr. Rolnik believes that the body will have a better capacity to heal if it is not simultaneously fighting constant inflammation both pre and post orthobiologic injections.