At Remedy Sports and Regenerative Medicine our goal is to provide top notch personalized healthcare that goes beyond the standard physician visit some have learned to avoid. Unfortunately in the current medical insurance arena, insurance companies and Medicare make providing the best care nearly impossible. For that reason, our practice has not contracted with any insurance companies or Medicare. Dr. Rolnik is an “out-of-network physician”. Nutrition counseling, though very important for overall health, is not a covered service for insurance companies. After each appointment,  patients are expected to pay for the care provided in full including their time with the physician plus any diagnostic testing, procedures or medications received.

Remedy will send claims to your insurance company if you have out of network benefits.  We ask that all patients with commercial PPO insurance contact your insurance carrier to clarify your benefits prior to your appointment. Your physician related treatment bill will go towards your deductible as per your insurance contract. Once your deductible has been met for the calendar year you will receive payment sent directly to you from your insurance company.

Remedy is prohibited from submitting a physician bill to Medicare.  Some senior patients carry two isolated insurance policies (not a supplement to Medicare) and we can submit claims to the non-Medicare insurance carrier.

We care of Kaiser patients, HMO patients and patients who have no insurance as well.   Some organizations do not offer the services we feel are very helpful for joint, muscle, bone or soft tissue pain.  Our goal is to offer a remedy instead of a band-aid.  Patients with Health Savings Accounts (HSA) or Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) can use those funds to pay for their care at Remedy Sports and Regenerative Medicine.