Try Lipogems, A Minimally Invasive, FDA Cleared Option That Can Be Performed in the Clinic

Dr Rolnik is leading the way in orthopaedic medicine by assisting patients with arthritis and soft tissue injuries using Lipogems at Remedy. Lipogems provides patients a natural, FDA cleared option that can be performed in the clinic in under an hour using a simple, minimally invasive procedure.

Lipogems’ uses the patient’s own fat tissue and the patented system processes and resizes the tissue using only saline in minutes. Since fat is a structural tissue, it provides cushion and support, allowing it to support the healing of the damaged or injured tissue.

Fat is easy to collect from the body from the belly or love handles using a minimally invasive procedure and local anesthetic. Studies have shown that the quantity of many of the important cells do not decline with age in comparison to other tissue sources.1,2,3 A clear advantage of using one’s own tissue is the decreased likelihood for rejection and infection. The Lipogems system is able to wash, rinse and resize the tissue for multiple site injections during a single session. There is minimal downtime from the procedure and minimal pain medication that is needed.

Lipogems vs A Total Joint Replacement

There have been over 35,000 Lipogems procedures performed with a low rate of minor complications (1-2%) and no major complications reported. The procedure is economical since the majority of the patients receive the procedure a one time. In addition, Lipogems is less expensive than the out of pocket costs of major orthopaedic surgery plus lost wages during recovery plus may be used in multiple sites in the same setting. Even with the best insurance plans, the cost of major orthopaedic surgery is very expensive and the recovery period is cumbersome and lengthy. Many patients may need to provide for their families and may not want to take time away from their work.

Scientific Evidence

Lipogems is on the forefront of research and is committed to delivering ethical and responsible science. There are over 70+ publications in peer reviewed journals with up to 3 years of evidence. Majority (~95%) of the studies performed were independently performed at leading institutions worldwide and they did not receive any company funding. These leading physicians and researchers have presented at leading scientific and orthopaedic societies worldwide.

As responsible healthcare providers, it is important that orthopaedic physicians offer FDA-cleared options to help patients suffering from orthopaedic issues.


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Here are more faqs:

What is the Lipogems procedure? How does it work?

Lipogems is a cutting edge technology that uses the natural and powerful reparative capability of your fat tissue typically taken from either your belly or flank (love handles). Fat has a high concentration of reparative cells and is used to help you heal. The fat is used to provide cushion and support the area and help support tissue repair. The Lipogems procedure can be performed in approximately one hour in an outpatient clinical setting or with your surgical procedure. The Lipogems procedure requires only local anesthesia and there is minimal recovery time.

This novel procedure may be an option for patients who are: 

  • Not ready for major, invasive surgery Example: active individuals (young and old), person who has to take care of their family, or person who can not take the time off of work
  • Not qualified for major, invasive surgery Example: person who suffers from co-morbidities that does not allow them to qualify for surgery

The tissue collection procedure involves making a very small opening through the skin that does not usually require stitches. Your physician will collect a small volume of fat from your midsection or “love handles,” using a minimally invasive technique that is very well-tolerated by patients. Your physician will process the fat using the Lipogems device and then will use a small needle to inject the Lipogems tissue into the treatment site. If you suffer from orthopaedic issues in multiple areas of your body, the Lipogems device can easily process the fat tissue to be used in those areas during the same procedure if there is plentiful tissue available.

How long will the procedure last?

The minimally invasive procedure takes approximately 1 to 1 1/2 hours. The fat tissue is processed and injected into the treatment site immediately. Will the physician collect my own tissue or will the tissue come from another person? Your own fat tissue is considered the highest quality tissue and fat has the highest concentration of reparative cells. Additionally, using your own tissue minimizes the risk for rejection.

Is the procedure uncomfortable?

A local anesthetic with numbing medication is administered during the treatment. While the majority of patients do not experience significant discomfort, it is normal to experience an odd sensation or pressure while the local anesthetic is being administered. The numbing medication will help to prevent pain while the fat is being collected from the belly or the love handles. The injection into the treatment site is performed using a small needle to minimize discomfort, and the skin may be numbed or anesthetized prior to the injection.

What areas of the body can Lipogems be used for? Is this for acute or chronic conditions?

If you are suffering from an orthopaedic condition, your doctor may determine that using your own powerful fat with the Lipogems system may be an option for you. Orthopaedic conditions that have damaged or injured tissue may require repair, replacement reconstruction, or support, may be potential applications for using your own fat tissue. Depending on your condition, your doctor may decide to use the Lipogems technology for acute or chronic injuries.

Do you suffer from multiple orthopaedic conditions?

For patients that suffer from conditions in multiple parts of their body, the Lipogems device can be used to process the fat tissue for multiple treatment sites. (Note: The patient must have enough fatty tissue to be processed.)

Are there risks or possible complications from the Lipogems procedure?

Mild to moderate swelling or soreness at injection or tissue collection site may occur, depending on the location of the site. These effects typically resolve in a few days to a week. The Patient Consent Form outlines all of the possible risks and complications associated with the procedure.

Is there risk of an infection?

Because Lipogems uses your own fat tissue and no other particles are added, there is a significantly reduced risk of infection or immune reaction with the Lipogems procedure. The Lipogems procedure is performed with sterile technique as a point-of-care therapy. However, as with any kind of injection or procedure, there is always a small risk of infection.

What is the recovery/downtime?

The recovery process varies for each patient, but the majority of patients would describe the recovery as minimal. Your doctor will determine the best treatment option for you. You may experience mild to moderate swelling and/or local inflammation at the injection site and/or site of the fat harvest for up to a few days after the procedure. Patients may have some bruising at or around the site of the fat harvest. Your doctor will help determine what activities you can perform and put you on an appropriate treatment plan.

What is the difference between using your own powerful fat vs other similar tissues?

Fat contains a high concentration of reparative cells that help support a healing environment in response to a tissue injury. Your own powerful fat has 100-500x more reparative cells than other similar tissues. Fat maintains its reparative properties unlike other similar tissue, which may lose healing capacity with age. Additionally, fat is usually plentiful and can be easily collected through a minimally invasive procedure using local anesthesia.

How long will this fat tissue stay in the treatment area?

As with all procedures, the individual results may vary. The lifetime of any procedure is dependent on several factors such severity of the condition and activity level. The fat tissue is injected precisely into areas of the body to provide cushion and support. The fat tissue is a sticky substance and the amount of time it will stay in a given area may vary from person to person. Your physician will counsel you about strategies for your post-procedural care and it is important to closely follow instructions regarding post-procedure activity, treatment, and follow up care.

How often can I get or do I need this?

For the vast majority of patients, Lipogems is one-time procedure. However, the effects may vary depending on the patient’s specific condition.