Evolve Tite treatments can be used for one body part or multiple areas.

Evolve™ Body Sculpting Offers Non-Surgical “Trouble Zone” Treatments 

If you have tried everything you can to get rid of stubborn body fat, you may be considering drastic measures. Surgeries such as liposuction or tummy tucks are invasive, risky and require large amounts of downtime, making them less than ideal for smaller cosmetic concerns. Fortunately, modern non-surgical body sculpting technology achieves similar results quickly and non-invasively, making it the perfect alternative.

Remedy is proud to announce that we are the first medical practice in the San Francisco Bay Area to offer Evolve treatments including Tite, Trim and Tone. Despite exercising and eating well, many of our patients are struggling with extra curves despite best efforts. Sound familiar? This multi-purpose medical device is scientifically proven to permanently kill fat cells, boost collagen production to tighten loose skin, improve the appearance of cellulite and tone muscle. Evolve™ is the next generation of hands-free, non-invasive technology that allows Remedy to be your one stop shop to feel and look your best without surgery!

Evolve Body Sculpting Before and After

What is Evolve™?
Evolve™ is the newest FDA approved Inmode device that improves upon BodyFx™ because it is hands-free. Both devices are non-invasive systems that use radio frequency energy to tighten skin, remove fat and reduce the appearance of cellulite but Evolve treatments are quicker so you save time while addressing your trouble areas.  Evolve uses constant high technology temperature monitoring to make the treatments the most efficient and effective. Body sculpting can be achieved with one or a combination of treatment options on the device. A custom treatment prescription will be outlined at your consultation with Dr. Rolnik. Healthy lifestyle habits in conjunction with Evolve treatments are recommended and nutritionist Leasa Woods is a great resource to help our patients make lifestyle changes.

How does it work?
Evolve™ Trim uses a combination of vacuum and radio frequency energy to gently tighten the skin and fibrous attachments that result in cellulite. Trim also uses short bursts of high voltage (but painless) energy to disrupt the wall of the fat cells resulting in their eventual permanent destruction in the treated area. Your body’s powerful lymphatic system then removes the damaged cells and once destroyed, the fat cells are gone permanently.

Evolve™ Tite uses the same radio frequency energy to focus on tightening loosened skin from pregnancy, weight loss, or simple aging. We start losing 1% of our collagen annually in our 30s and not matter how well we eat or how much we exercise, it’s hard to fight the natural signs of aging. We can help you feel more comfortable wearing sleeveless shirts, shorts or a bathing suit.

Evolve™ Tone provides stimulation to muscles to help them grow firmer/larger.  Some patients are looking to enhance their abs and some are looking to create more volume in their behind to create a more sexy and curved back side.  It’s like doing a bunch of crunches or squats without the added effort though we do recommend a full body fitness program to maintain optimal health.

Is Evolve FDA Approved?
Yes. Evolve™ is FDA approved. Since Inmode is now a publicly traded company, it has stringent regulations the company must follow. Be assured Evolve has been designed to give maximum benefit and Inmode follows FDA guidelines for both safety and efficacy.

What is the Recovery Time?
There is no downtime with Evolve™ treatments. After your Trim or Tite sessions there may be some redness that resolves quickly for the majority of patients. Your Evolve™ treatment strategy may include one focused treatment like Trim for fat reduction or combine Trim with Tite or Tite with Tone to achieve the results you desire.

On average, about 3-6 weekly treatments are recommended to achieve your goals. Each treatment takes between 20-60 minutes to complete.  The duration of treatment ultimately depends on the size of the treated area and how many areas you want to address. Dr. Rolnik will review your desired goals and review her recommendations to help you achieve your body goals.

Who is a candidate for the Evolve™ Trim fat reduction?
The best candidates for Evolve™ Trim are patients who have unwanted stubborn areas of excess body fat. The most commonly treated areas include the belly, back and bra line area, the love handles, the outer and inner thighs and arms. We recommend those with BMI over 35 first aim to lose weight and our nutritionist Leasa Woods is a great resource for many of our patients either before, during or even after treatments. Evolve™ treatments are best suited for individuals that want a permanent, noticeable and modest reduction in fat without undergoing traditional liposuction or more aggressive surgery. Our Remedy patients are seeking options that have low risk and positive body sculpting results.

Evolve Body Sculpting Before and After

Who is a candidate for the Evolve™ Tite skin tightening?
The best candidates for Evolve™ Tite are patients who have unwanted loose or crepey skin resulting after pregnancy, weight loss, liposuction or with aging skin changes. Most patients are looking to improve the skin texture at their abdomen, upper arms and knee/thigh area. Tite treatments are best suited for individuals that are looking to avoid a tummy tuck or other invasive plastic surgery but not everyone is a candidate for non-invasive body contouring so we work closely with local plastic surgeons to provide options. For those who have lost substantial weight sometimes plastic surgery is the best solution but for others with less loose skin, Tite is a great non-surgical option. Our Remedy patients are seeking options that have low risk and positive results.

Are Evolve™ Treatments painful?
Evolve™ radio frequency heat treatments are not painful and are performed right here at Remedy, not requiring any anesthesia. Patients find the treatments entirely comfortable – some even fall asleep during their session or catch up on their favorite Netflix show or emails.  Some choose to do an additional treatment like spider vein injections or rejuvenating facials during their treatments to address other aging concerns.

Evolve Body Sculpting Before and After

Our goal during your Trim and Tite sessions is to raise the temperature of the skin and underlying fat to 42-43 degrees Celsius.  Studies show this temperature range results in the best collagen stimulation and fat cell destruction. It’s the rare patient that is unable to tolerate this therapeutic goal. Adjustments are made to make your time at Remedy very comfortable and dare we say relaxing!  Tone has not heat component and the contractions are set to your tolerance level.  It does feel funny for your muscles to contract without your effort but not painful at all!

What are the contraindications to Evolve™ treatments?
Contraindications of Evolve™ treatments include any individual who may be pregnant or who has a pacemaker. Evolve™ treatments should also be avoided over any areas where there is active cancer, inflammatory lesions or infections.

How long is recovery from the Evolve™ treatments?
Remedy patients will find the Evolve™ procedure to be fast and effective. There is no recovery after the Evolve™ treatment and after each session you may return to normal activities immediately, including full high-exertion exercise, stretching and any physical activity. There is only a modest degree of redness and swelling after each treatment. Skin tone and color typically return to pre-treatment appearance usually within several hours.

What kind of results can I expect following my Evolve™?
Most patients who undergo an Evolve™ Tite treatment series see improved skin tightening and tone within a few sessions and some notice changes even after their first treatment. Even after your Evolve™ treatments are done, your body continues to remove fat cells and build collagen so best results are seen 2 months after your final treatment.

Evolve Body Sculpting Before and After
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