Unfortunately over time, the soil and modern farming has depleted nutrients in our produce. Even with an high amount of fruit and vegetable intake in your diet, you may not have optimal nutrients and protection from disease. For some, they just don’t consume much produce at all.

Food provides protection from food. Food is medicine! Your antioxidant level correlates with how well your body is fighting free radical damage. Many studies show how free radical damage causes inflammation, cancer, cardiovascular and other diseases. By increasing fruit and vegetable intake and aiming to eat a rainbow of colors you can increase your antioxidants. Disease prevention is often in your hands.

At Remedy, we are very passionate about whole body health which often starts with eating a well balance diet. We want you to have the tools to make wise decisions for you and your family. Disease prevention is at the heart of why we offer an in-office, non-invasive antioxidant scan.

The health scan takes less than a minute to run. It is much less expensive than running similar blood level tests too! Right in the office, you can find out your nutrient vital sign. Once you know your level, you are armed with information. Some choose to change their eating habits. Some work directly with our nutritionist to learn strategies to beat food challenges. Others opt to fill in the nutrition gaps with high quality ingredient, highly bioavailable supplements.

Call Remedy to schedule your scan with lifestyle assessment or add on a nutrition consultation with Leasa Woods. See coupon at bottom of home screen to take advantage of 10% off scan plus assessment.