We are excited to offer Remedy Nutrition Classes in the East Bay!

When Dr. Rolnik opened her private practice, she had the opportunity to incorporate quality nutritional education via either one on one counseling with Leasa Woods or group classes taught by Robin Spiegelman into the practice to serve our local community.  If you are interested in learning how nutrition can optimize your health, help your sports performance or prevent future illnesses, please consider registering for an upcoming class or scheduling an appointment for individualized nutritional care.

All classes take place at our office: 108 La Casa Via #106, Walnut Creek  Register either via phone by calling 464-7278 or you can sign up for classes here:  sign up.

Below you’ll find class options offered in January.


Intermittent Fasting to Jumpstart Your Metabolism and Weight Loss

Thursday, January 10th at noon

Is it harder for you to maintain a healthy weight or lose weight than it once was? Have you tried several diets but had trouble keeping the weight off? Do cravings sabotage your good intentions? Learn how intermittent fasting and eating real foods in balance can help you lose weight, eliminate cravings and increase energy. This interactive class explains how your food choices, blood sugar levels and essential fatty acids affect your energy and your ability to lose or maintain weight.

Remedy Reboot 2019 Cleanse 

Tuesday, January 22nd, 29th and February 5th, 12th at noon or 6 pm

Ringing in the new year with a cleanse is an amazing way to reboot your body and get your health going in the right direction.   Some participate in a cleanse seasonally or yearly.  Everyone’s needs differ but consider participating in a cleanse to enhance energy, mood, digestion and many other benefits.

Nutrition for Peak Athletic Performance Class

Thursday, January 24th at 6 pm

Make a commitment to yourself to achieve peak performance.  Athletes know nutrition is critical while preparing for events and competition but there is a lot of noise and confusing information out there. This class will provide the daily sports nutritional foundation to reach your goals whether you are an elite or everyday athlete.  At Remedy, we want to help our athletes make 2019 the year you achieve your best times or excel at other athletic pursuits.

Change Your Nutrition to Reduce Inflammation

Thursday, January 31th noon

Waking up achy all over? Are joint pains, leg cramps or back pain causing you to rely on your favorite over-the-counter pain killer too much? Are you looking to feel better naturally? There’s a better answer and it’s called nutrition. Learn which foods cause aches and pains and which foods reduce inflammation. By incorporating simple food selection and cooking modifications you can improve your pain, skin conditions, gut and cognitive health to be at your best!