Anti-Aging Strategies

We all want to grow old gracefully.  We aim to feel good without ailments and limitations.  All kinds of external and internal influences can accelerate aging. These aging aggressors disrupt the natural youthful activity of our aging defence mechanisms – the body’s mechanisms that resist aging. Of course the best way to age well is by following good habits for your entire life – eating a well-balanced plant forward diet, keeping stress under control, share good times with friends, and move most days.   But sometimes those efforts aren’t enough.

To support the body’s natural ability to fight aging we need to make sure we give the body what it needs so it can continue to do what is designed to do.  Antioxidants in the form of plant products or supplements are associated with decreased disease because they provide a barrier for our cells to operate fully without damage from free radicals.  See image to the left.  The cell on the right is protected by ample antioxidants.

Did you know the recommended daily recommendation for fruit and vegetables is 5-9 servings?  The majority of Americans are not meeting that guideline.  In order to boost our nutrition and protect our cells from free radical damage, we can benefit from daily supplementation.   At Remedy, we work with a few vetted companies that supply the best options for our patients to maintain or enhance their health.

Take a look here to read more about Ageloc Youth, Vitality, G3,LifePak and other supplements to support cellular health and aging.

Feeling good!
We want to grow old with a skip in our step!