Wrist Pain
Rowing, tennis, weight lifting with incorrect form or overuse can cause wrist pain or carpal tunnel.

In the musculoskeletal system, everything is connected.  Our bodies are amazing machines.  Remember the song “the hip bone is connected to the thigh bone”? Here’s a brief anatomy lesson.  Muscle blends into a tendon which then attaches to a bone.  A ligament attaches one bone to another.  A sprain occur when a ligament is injured – think MCL knee injury or ankle sprain. A strain occurs when a muscle is injured – think calf or hamstring tears.  When an athlete steps on an opponent and rolls his/her ankle that is a sprain to one or several ligaments.  Whereas, when a hurdler has a sudden sharp pain in their hamstring, that is a muscle tear or strain. Treatment options overlap but often require RICE, physical therapy and sometimes regenerative options.  At Remedy Sports and Regenerative Medicine, our goal is to return our athletes to play as quickly and safely as possible using non-surgical treatments and sound guidance.